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Sphere of Love

Sphere of Love

Sphere of Love – the most romantic and unusual sculpture in Chelyabinsk. The city presented it to the Chelyabinsk residents for the 264-year anniversary and soon the monument became popular among newlyweds.

This composition is located in the center of Chelyabinsk not far from the cinema «Kinomax – Ural». Each week newly-married wives come here with to perform their first dance with their new husbands under the sculpture.

Newlyweds and couples performed a special ritual that promises a long and happy relationship. The young man goes to the center of the sculptures from the right path, and the girl - from the left. Under the dome they meet and join hands.

It is the first monument in Chelyabinsk devoted to the intimate side of human life. Its dome is made of blue glass with four copper piles. Under the dome there is four-meter bronze figure of boy and girl surrounded by twelve Zodiac signs. The right stone symbolizes a man, the left - a woman, and their composition expresses their unity.

The Sphere of Love is officially recognized as a cultural monument and this romantic place has an atmosphere of cleanliness, music, light and love.

Interesting facts:

- The sculpture Sphere of Love was created in 2000 on the day of Chelyabinsk’s anniversary. A group of sculptors led by Viktor Mitroshin worked on the monument.

- The opening of the Sphere of Love was attended by the People's Artists of Russia - Georgy Zhzhenov and actor Alexander Pankratov-Cherny.

- The manufacture of the metal tree with a height from 8.5 to 9 meters took 12 tons of copper. The height of the composition is 12 meters, the diameter of the dome - 10 meters, and the size of the boy and girl figures is 4 meters.

- The copper domes were made in Italy.

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