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Athletic complex

Athletic complex

In 2003 in Chelyabinsk was open a giant sport complex, that was named after Olympic high jump champion Elena Elesina.

Training arena has eight tracks - 100 m each, pit for long jumps, sector for high-jumps and pole vault. 80 people can train in the arena in the same time. There are also a modern stadium and the warm-up track.

Trainings are holding at the stadium from 8 am to 10 pm all year round, not only for athletes but for everyone.

The complex is equipped with all necessary electronics for the competition of any level, systems and photo-video finish, electronic scoreboards, range finders and wind speed measuring system. The complex can contain more than four thousand spectators.

The main mission of the complex is a year-round training. But the stadium has already become a popular venue for city events, every year there are dozen of them here.

Interesting facts:

- Today more than 10 thousand people engaged in athletics in Chelyabinsk region, there are 30 sports schools.

- About 200 coaches train Chelyabinsk Region athletes, seven of them are honored.

- Trainings at Elena Elesina Complex holding from 8 am to 10 pm all year round.

- Not only athletes can train at the stadium, but everyone.

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