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Ice Palace "Uralskaya Molniya"

Ice Palace "Uralskaya Molniya"

Ice palace “Uralskaya Molniya” named after six time Olympic champion Lidiya Skoblikova was opened on 28 of December 2004. It was second covered speed skating ice rink with artificial ice in Russia, which was established after indoor ice rink “Krylatskoye” in Moscow.

The ice rink is multifunctional: speed skating, hockey, figure skating, curling and short-track.

Ice palace is offered for the residents of the city in evening time and weekends. Ice palace staff organizes parties on the ice and other interesting sport-invents during mass-skating.

Two international sport-events were held on the ice of the palace: Curling World Championships and Speed Skating World Cup.

Ice palace “Uralskaya Molniya” has the speed skating history museum with very big and exclusive collection about South Ural speed skating history. Museum expositions transform from the sport birth in the city, region and country till nowadays.

European Championships 2015 races will be held in this modern covered speed skating ice rink.

Address: 187 «А», Truda Street

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ЗаяцChelyabinsk welcomes guests of ISU European Speed Skating Championships!
We are proud of holding this high level event. Speed skating is beloved and it is traditional sport in South Ural.

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